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For over 20 years, The Broadband Group (TBG) has focused on city and community-wide integrated broadband planning, empowering land developers, utilities, and municipalities to make and execute informed decisions about telecommunications strategy.

How TBG Helps Communities and Municipalities

The Broadband Group provides the following services to empower communities, utilities, and municipalities to take full advantage of technology planning possibilities.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Investment Grade Business and Financial Models
  • Governance and Ownership Strategies
  • Extensive Market Research Studies and Needs Analysis
  • Regulatory and Telecom Policy Expertise
  • Network Design and Engineering (Wireline / Wireless)
  • Community-Wide Telemedicine Programs and Applications
  • Distance Education Programs
  • Public Safety Initiatives
  • Access to Debt/Equity Financing

Why TBG?

TBG understands that simply assigning technology planning to existing phone and cable companies, as is the usual practice, fails to seize opportunity for developers in two critical ways:

  1. Existing telecom providers develop programs that meet their financial needs, not the community’s.
  2. Deferring technology planning to telecom providers doesn’t allow developers to participate in the potential financial upside of telecommunications – leaving “money on the table.”

At The Broadband Group, connectivity extends beyond wired infrastructure. It is about meaningfully connecting individuals and business to the world around them through the focused use of advanced technologies. It is about understanding how people live, how businesses work, and how communities thrive. It is about creating telecommunications infrastructure that meets the information needs of today, as well as emerging new technologies of tomorrow.

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