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Why a Network Definition & Selection is a Community Asset

With TBG’s support, guidance, and advice, Service Provider network investments can be designed, engineered and deployed to meet the specific service and application requirements of a community, municipality, or city.  Whether this may involve a private network across infrastructure that increases security for multiple services including voice, video, and data for all subscribers, or a private point-to-point connection, TBG translates these priorities.

Network Convergence Services

TBG defines, specifies and demands from its client’s Service Providers cost-effective solutions that efficiently traverse multiple services across planned networks to increase quality, capacity, and reduce costs. TBG’s Master Plan reduces many of operational difficulties by defining the most appropriate architecture that provides solutions for mission critical applications.

Optical/Ethernet Development

The TBG team of professionals examines all access network options, including Fiber-to-the-Premise and IP Centric solutions.  While holding the Service Provider accountable and responsive, TBG clients impact network investments to their benefit and the benefit of residents and businesses, effectively improving the economics for everyone and every entity involved in the network investment and use.

Network Assessment
TBG provides network assessment services to uncover details regarding the network architecture, QoS capabilities, and bottlenecks to reveal the limitations of any proposed broadband fiber network. The details often support a transition of legacy investments to more advanced networks.

Network Design/Redesign
The TBG business and technical staff develop baseline business objectives and long-term telecommunications requirements that ensure the network built will sustain the growth and services envisioned. This is accomplished through an in-depth analysis and evaluation of all essential network elements and the development of a baseline structure to support the underlying costs and operation elements of any network. TBG creates documentation, both operational, as well as financial, to assist in final network specifications. TBG then analyzes business and structural requirements to determine mission critical components and creates a work plan that includes defining what a network should be, how it impacts all factors of a community, and who might be the most qualified to build and operate such a network .

Network Integration & Installation
With the growing trend of services utilizing the resiliency of IP and internet-based solutions, TBG consults with your organization on the integration of new devices to assist in network growth and develops a project plan focused on improving delivery of services.

In summary, TBG is a trusted third party advisor that challenges traditional investments, focuses on true city or community needs, and ensures the value chain is maximized for Service Providers, Developers, Administrators and, most significantly, the end user customer

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