Huntsville Utilities

In February 2016, TBG client – Huntsville Utilities (HU), announced the launch of Huntsville Utilities’ Fiber Transport Network, a historic partnership to accelerate the deployment of ultra-high speed Internet service throughout the service territory of the utility. Google Fiber also announced they will be the network’s Anchor Tenant, leasing fiber access from HU and providing Gigabit services within Huntsville.

“Abundant high-speed Internet can help communities grow stronger, laying a foundation for innovation and economic growth,” said Jill Szuchmacher, Director of Expansion for Google Fiber.

“Huntsville’s leaders have taken a big step by bringing a new fiber network to their residents and businesses. We look forward to working with Huntsville Utilities and the City to bring Google Fiber to more people.”

Tasked with the process of managing the construction and operation of the network, TBG has engaged TBG Network Services (TBGNS), a wholly owned subsidiary of TBG, to oversee this construction management process.

In March 2017, under the direct construction management of TBGNS, Huntsville Utilities turned over the first 4,000 residential home passings for Google Fiber. This represents the first customer contact point leading to an eventual fiber network serving all 108,000 residential passings in the Huntsville market – a landmark achievement.

HU initially engaged TBG to conduct a Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan related to telecommunications and utility control infrastructure. TBG has defined requirements related to expanding the scale of existing infrastructure, supporting a fully integrated broadband network, and serving public facilities. In addition to infrastructure and process review, TBG conducted city-wide Market Research, inclusive of an Institutional Market Study and Take Rate Regression Analysis throughout HU’s serving footprint.

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