Brambleton is located in the nation’s fastest growing high-tech corridor, Loudoun County, VA. Brambleton’s comprehensive design creates a complete town including homes in a variety of styles and price ranges, to schools, parks, shopping, and dining at the Town Center. The Community today has more than 2,000 occupied homes and will grow to more than 6,500.

Brambleton thinks far beyond the concept of a planned community…it is a town designed for the information age of the 21st century.

The Broadband Group was charged with creating a broadband plan that matched the requirements, location, and commitment to excellence expressed by the Brambleton planning and management team. As perhaps TBG’s most significant success story, The Broadband Group represented Brambleton in creating, launching, and operating the nation’s first Bell Atlantic/GTE (now Verizon) fiber to the home community. Brambleton has now taken its rightful place as one of the nation’s most advanced pure fiber communities.

In this historic partnership, Verizon Communications provides the Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) technology to all of Brambleton’s residential dwelling units. The Verizon FTTP network offers a dedicated connection from the homes to the Internet and the community’s own Intranet at the industry’s highest speeds – something that is continuously monitored and increased regularly to maintain its leadership position. In addition to industry leading Internet data services, the network provides competitive digital, High Definition, and on-demand video programming. With TBG’s leadership, the community introduced home monitoring and control services, and in 2017 plans include a community wide telemedicine program.

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