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Incorporate elements that enable Gigabit broadband infrastructure and services.

  • Define technical strategies related to Public or Private broadband operations and construction.
  • Attract industry and grow jobs.
  • Enable broadband supported applications, such as Telemedicine, Distance Education, Public Safety, and Smart Grid.
  • Identify conduit options to use as a tool for commercial multi-carrier access.
  • Analyze technology access strategies based on local jurisdictional conditions, land use regulations/decisions, permitting and access rights.
  • Add increased value to Service Provider negotiations, marketing agreements, and revenue share potential.

 When a community implements its Technology Master Plan™, it sets the stage for dynamic economic growth, enhanced communications, and enriched quality of life. By putting the necessary vision and planning steps into place, the Plan strives to challenge traditional network metrics and define the supporting economics of advanced fiber optic infrastructure. With an advanced fiber-based infrastructure, communities enjoy the benefits of bundled services including integrated voice, video, data, telemetry, and life safety services. Additionally, a universal, community wide platform allows for the deployment of advanced services such as city-wide portals, network enabled energy information services, Internet protocol security and life safety systems, traffic signalization control, and common area control of maintenance services.

  • Job growth in the next century is expected to be driven by technology, as industries become increasingly dependent on access to broadband information systems. With effective technology planning, communities can offer high bandwidth, scalable networks that meet the growing demands of businesses and consumers alike.
  • When a community, city, or municipality begins the development planning process, that planning routinely involves environmental assessment, traffic analysis, and infrastructure cost analysis. Curiously, telecommunications planning requirements are often ignored. As such, connectivity requirements are defined outside of that process; creating and implementing a Technology Master Plan™ significantly shifts the decision metrics from Service Provider to end user.

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