Google Fiber has announced the beginning of services for residents in Huntsville, Alabama.  Google Fiber is the Anchor Tenant on the Huntsville Utilities Fiber Network.

Tasked with the process of managing the construction and operation of the network, Huntsville Utilities has engaged TBG Network Services (TBGNS), a wholly owned subsidiary of TBG, to oversee this construction management process. Google Fiber will lease access on the network to provide gigabit Internet services to residents and businesses.

Hello HuntsvilleGoogle Fiber, Alphabet’s fast gigabit internet service, is now available in Huntsville, Alabama. But instead of laying fiber-optic cables, Google is using fiber from Huntsville Utilities, a city-owned provider of water, electricity and natural gas.

“Leasing the infrastructure in Huntsville rather than building from scratch allows us to bring Google Fiber to even more people, and even faster,” Caroline de Gantes, Google Fiber’s head of business operations in Huntsville, wrote in a blog post Tuesday.


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